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As the draft approaches, the anticipation for the selections continues to build. With just one month remaining until the start of the draft in Detroit, fans are eagerly awaiting to see where each player will land in the first round.

One player who has been generating a lot of buzz is J.J. McCarthy, a former Michigan quarterback. While it may be unlikely that he will be the first pick, there is a growing belief that he could go as the second pick due to his impressive Pro Day workout and increasing rumors that he is being considered by multiple teams. DraftKings Sportsbook has adjusted their odds for McCarthy to be the second pick from +2500 to +500 following these developments.

However, there are also many experts and analysts who believe that LSU quarterback Jayden Daniels could be or should be the second overall pick. Chris Simms has ranked Daniels as the clear number two behind USC’s Caleb Williams in his latest rankings.

As we get closer to draft day, it remains to be seen where each player will end up. Will McCarthy go as the second pick? Or will LSU’s Daniels snag that spot instead? Only time will tell what happens on draft day, but one thing is certain – it’s going to be an exciting event!

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