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KFDA’s Sports Drive provided viewers with a captivating show featuring interviews with WT broadcaster Lucas Kinsey, Tascosa girls soccer players Tabitha Fowler and Piper Lang, and Mike Roden from TPSN. If you missed these interviews, you can catch up here.

In his interview, Lucas Kinsey shared his experience being in the arena for the WT vs North Georgia game and discussed his thoughts on the Final Four matchups. His insights into the world of sports broadcasting were enlightening and gave viewers an exclusive look behind the scenes.

Tabitha Fowler and Piper Lang, star players from the Tascosa girls soccer team, spoke about their excitement surrounding their first playoff win since 2008. They shared their preparations for the upcoming game and reflected on their team’s remarkable success. It was an inspiration to hear from these talented athletes.

Mike Roden provided updates on TPSN’s streaming schedule and gave viewers information about several Panhandle area sports teams’ current standings. His expertise in local sports was valuable and added depth to the show.

Overall, today’s Sports Drive interviews were engaging and informative, offering viewers a deeper understanding of sports in Amarillo. Copyright 2024 KFDA All rights reserved

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