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Papa Johns, a popular pizza chain in the UK, has decided to close nearly 10% of its restaurants due to underperformance. The company conducted a thorough review of its business that began in January and identified several locations that were no longer financially viable. This has resulted in the closure of 43 sites across England, ranging from Harrogate, North Yorkshire to St Helens, Merseyside, Billericay, Essex, and Eastbourne, East Sussex.

Papa Johns plans to invest in its remaining locations while expanding further into non-traditional sites like holiday parks. The chain also intends to announce partnerships with other large retailers in the coming months. Chris Phylactou, Papa Johns UK managing director, emphasized that the priority is to fully support team members affected by the closures. The company aims to work with impacted employees to find redeployment opportunities where available. While the exact number of jobs affected has not been disclosed, the focus remains on assisting the affected staff throughout the transition process.

In another development related to Papa Johns’ announcement about restaurant closures, Revolution Bars has announced that it may consider putting itself up for sale as part of a business review. Following a period of “external challenges” affecting its performance, the company is exploring various strategic options to improve its future prospects. This could involve restructuring certain parts of the business or a potential sale of all or part of the group according to Revolution Bars.

The news about Papa Johns’ decision comes after years of competition from other major pizza chains like Domino’s and Pizza Hut. In addition to underperformance at some locations, Papa Johns has faced criticism over poor customer service and high delivery times.

However, despite these challenges, Papa Johns continues to be a popular choice for many customers in the UK who value their quality pizzas and fast delivery times.

Overall, Papa Johns’ decision to close some restaurants will likely have an impact on both customers and employees alike. However, if successful in finding new opportunities for growth and improving profitability at their remaining locations while expanding into new markets like holiday parks and partnering with other retailers then it could lead to long term success for this iconic brand.

Revolution Bars’ possible sale would also bring an end era for this chain which was founded in 2003 as an upscale bar concept but eventually became more mainstream with its focus on drinks rather than food.

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