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A Saginaw ice cream shop, Hand Dipped Ice Cream, is facing frustration due to the unexpected closure of a major intersection. On Monday, March 25, construction closed the intersection of Sheridan Avenue and Hess Avenue without warning, causing disruptions for commuters and businesses in the area.

Fred Temple, an employee at the family-owned ice cream shop, arrived at work to find hard hats and orange barrels due to the reconstruction project that started on the street. The closure isn’t expected to be lifted until August 9, causing concerns for Temple and other businesses in the area.

The closure has impacted traffic flow in Saginaw, with the city urging residents to find alternate routes to their destinations. Temple believes that the closure will deter customers from visiting his shop during peak season.

Despite these challenges posed by construction, Temple is still encouraging people to visit Hand Dipped Ice Cream for delicious treats. Along with its famous ice cream, the shop also offers tacos and tostadas for customers to enjoy.

In addition to the Sheridan Avenue and Hess Avenue closure, Gratiot Avenue (M-46) is also closed between Malzahn Street and Wheeler Street for utility work until Friday afternoon March 29. The combination of these closures has created disruptions for businesses and residents in Saginaw.

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