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The Regional CEO Pitch event took place for the second time, showcasing young entrepreneurs from the multi-county CEO program in Mt. Sterling, Illinois. High school students from McDonough, Hancock, Pike, Brown, and Schuyler counties presented their business ideas to three judges.

The program emphasizes the importance of maturity and dedication in teaching students how to become responsible young adults. Participants such as Maycie McCombs, creator of Maycie’s Meals, stressed that the program is not for those looking to simply have fun. Instead, it requires serious commitment and hard work.

Karly Gallaher, another participant in the program and creator of Karly’s Kare senior home health care service, found the experience invaluable in developing her communication and life skills. She expressed her gratitude for the opportunity to participate in the program and encouraged others to take advantage of it as well.

The winners of the pitch were announced at the event. Justice Keene won first place with his local broadcast “Bomber Sports Network”. Karly Gallaher came in second place with her senior home health care service “Karly’s Kare”, while Wesley McEwen took third place with his 3D printing service “Dream 3D”. These young entrepreneurs will also have the opportunity to showcase their businesses at a trade show on April 12 at the Crossing Camp in Rushville, Illinois, open to the public.

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