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Russian leader Vladimir Putin is using the recent attack on the Crocus City Hall concert hall in Moscow as a justification to increase troops in Ukraine. Following the March 22 attack, which resulted in 144 deaths and around 500 injuries, more than 16,000 Russians have signed up to fight in Ukraine. The Russian Ministry of Defense reported that in the last ten days, up to 1,700 people are showing up daily at selection centers for contract enlistment.

The majority of candidates mentioned their desire to avenge those killed in the tragedy as their main motivation for signing the contract. While the Islamic State of Khorasan Province claimed responsibility for the attack, Russian authorities insist that it was orchestrated by Ukrainian forces. The Kiev government denies these claims.

Russian investigators believe that Islamists were involved in the attack and received significant amounts of money and cryptocurrencies from Ukraine to prepare for it. The Russian Foreign Espionage Service has linked the terrorist attack to previous Ukrainian attacks against Russian border regions. Moscow security forces have arrested 15 people linked to the attack, including four suspected perpetrators of the massacre at the concert hall.

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In other news, Russia is continuing its efforts to increase its military presence in Ukraine following a recent terrorist attack on a concert hall in Moscow that killed over 140 people and injured around 500 others. Despite claims by Ukrainian authorities that they were not involved in the attack, Russia continues to insist that Ukraine is responsible for providing support to extremist groups operating within its borders.

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