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The Performing Arts Medicine Clinic at UNT Health Science Center in Fort Worth is researching the impact of sacrifices made by dancers on their health, specifically bone health. Dr. Yein Lee, the Performing Arts Medicine Fellowship Director at UNT Health Science Center, is leading this research. According to Dr. Stephen Fung, a former competitive dancer and Performing Arts Medicine Fellow who noticed a high rate of stress-related injuries and fractures among dancers, women are particularly vulnerable due to body dysmorphia and eating disorders.

Bethany Bailey, a dancer and dance instructor at TCU, pointed out that while not every dancer experiences an eating disorder, the prevalence of such issues has led many dance departments to focus on promoting a healthy mentality. The research goals of the clinic include creating a self-assessment checklist for ballet dancers to identify their risk factors and maintain their health while pursuing their passion. This tool could also be beneficial for other female athletes in preventing injuries and promoting overall wellness. Dr. Lee emphasized the importance of supporting dancers in maintaining their health, establishing a culture of health and wellness in the dance community.

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