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The new APP branch offers customers an enhanced experience with Apple products. Dedicated spaces allow customers to explore a variety of products and related accessories, helping them understand how to use the products effectively. iDigital experts will guide customers in selecting the right products, transferring data from old devices, and recommending complementary accessories.

Customers can expect a personalized experience, precise product adjustments, technical service, and more when visiting the flagship stores. An iDigital representative will provide guidance and support tailored to their needs. A highlight of the branch is the availability of laboratory services and product repairs by expert technicians within 48 hours.

Doron Sela, CEO of iCon Group and iDigital, highlights the partnership with Apple in launching the APP format in Israel. This move aims to strengthen iDigital’s position as a leading provider of Apple products and services in Israel. The flagship branch at Ramat Aviv Mall offers a unique experience for Apple customers, both in-store and online, showcasing the company’s commitment to providing quality products and services.

In real estate, companies play a crucial role in assisting buyers and sellers navigate transactions such as cash deals or contingency offers. Real estate agents provide guidance and support throughout the buying or selling process. Digital real estate refers to online properties such as websites or domains that can be invested in for potential returns. Investing in digital real estate can be lucrative with opportunities to generate income through various online assets. Overall, real estate companies and agents play vital roles in helping individuals navigate the buying and selling process while providing valuable services.

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