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Russia’s Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev claimed on Tuesday that Ukraine was responsible for the terrorist attack at a Moscow concert hall on Friday, which left at least 139 people dead. He made the statement during a press conference, stating that radical Islamists were behind the attack but also suggesting that Ukraine may have been involved. Patrushev did not provide any further evidence to support his claim.

Patrushev is a strong supporter of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and believes that the conflict is not a war but rather an attempt by the West to antagonize Moscow and Kyiv. He has previously accused Ukraine of supporting separatist rebels in eastern Ukraine, which has led to tensions between the two countries.

Russian President Vladimir Putin acknowledged that the attack was carried out by “radical Islamists” but also suggested that Ukraine may be linked to it. He expressed interest in knowing who ordered the attack and called for a thorough investigation into the incident. The ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine has raised tensions in the region and led to accusations and blame from both sides. It remains unclear how the situation will unfold as investigations continue.

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