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The Italian boutique seat maker’s innovative “SoFab” business-class concept is making waves in the industry with its unique design that focuses on saving weight while maintaining comfort and space. The SoFab’s bed is 25% larger than similar business-class cabins, providing passengers with more room to stretch out and rest.

Next month, the winners of the 2024 RedCabin Awards will be announced, recognizing innovative aircraft cabin designs that tackle various industry issues such as sustainability, comfort, space, and cost. One of the shortlisted sustainability concepts comes from Optimares, an Italian aerospace company known for their SoFab airline business-class seat. This seat features a convertible sofa bed instead of a fully lie-flat reclining seat.

Optimares claims that this design offers more passenger space while using fewer materials, resulting in significant weight savings. This weight reduction is crucial in the airline industry as it reduces fuel burn and improves financial performance. The SoFab design has impressed industry experts and has been recognized as a finalist for the International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2024.

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