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Fortum, an energy company, recently held a general meeting and elected nine individuals to its board. Mikael Silvennoinen was named chairman and Essimari Kairisto as vice president, while Ralf Christian, Luisa Delgado, Jonas Gustavsson, Marita Niemelä, Prank Paavola, Johan Söderström, and Vesa-Pekka Takala were also appointed as board members. The state had previously announced that it would relinquish its seat on the board with effect from January with the departure of Maia Strandberg.

During the meeting, several important decisions were made regarding the company’s future operations. The board was granted discharge from liability for the 2023 financial year and a dividend of EUR 1.15 per share was approved. Additionally, the general meeting authorized the board to acquire up to 20 million shares of its own stock. This included both the purchase and transfer of these shares.

Overall, these decisions are aimed at ensuring that Fortum continues to operate smoothly and efficiently in the years ahead. With new blood on its board and authorization granted for various actions, Fortum is well positioned to continue providing energy solutions to customers around the world.

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