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Firefighters from multiple departments rushed to Tri-State Enterprise and Lawn Care near Argillite Road in Flatwoods after a fire broke out, causing significant damage to the business. Jake Styes, a resident who lives nearby, was at school when the fire started and could only watch from afar as smoke filled the sky in the direction of his home.

When Styes returned from school, he was relieved to find that his house and garage were safe, but also fearful of what could have happened if the fire had spread. He expressed gratitude that no one was injured in the fire, as a few people were inside the building when it started.

Styes thanked the first responders for their efforts in keeping everyone safe. The cause of the fire is still unknown, but officials believe it was accidental. Investigators are working to gather more information on the incident. Overall, residents are thankful for the firefighters who worked diligently to ensure the safety of the neighborhood.

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