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Lawyer Juan Ramón Collado, a prominent figure in Mexico’s legal community, has been the subject of ongoing investigations since 2015. Confidential reports obtained by EL PAÍS reveal that he had more than 100 million euros seized in Andorra during that time. The complex network of accounts spanning Andorra, Holland, Panama, and Hong Kong was used to move his fortune and conceal funds that may have belonged to Mexican political leaders.

Collado, 60 years old, had at least two accounts in Andorra with a combined total of 18.9 million euros. The rest of his assets were managed through Dutch instrumental companies as a way to protect his identity. He also invested more than half of his assets in Andorra in variable income funds and shares of companies like Volkswagen and Apple. His close associate, Jaime Jesús Sánchez Montemayor, has been indicted for money laundering in connection with Collado’s finances.

Despite maintaining that his assets are justified, Collado’s funds remain frozen in Andorra as the investigation continues. The Andorran justice system is focusing on Collado’s family environment, including his sister and brother-in-law, as part of the ongoing probe. The lawyer’s opulent lifestyle, including the purchase of aircraft and luxury apartments, has also come under scrutiny.

Collado’s legal troubles extend beyond Andorra with investigations in Mexico uncovering alleged money laundering activities linked to him. His arrest in Mexico City for money laundering led to the reopening of the case in Andorra and the seizure of his funds. Collado’s connections to powerful figures such as former president Enrique Peña Nieto and businessman Raúl Salinas de Gortari have further heightened interest in his financial dealings.

Amidst ongoing legal battles and investigations into Collado’s wealth and connections continue to draw attention from authorities in both countries raising questions about the origins of the funds and extent of potential illicit activities involved.

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