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Jill and Paul Scarpari have been creating handmade baskets for over 25 years. Their love for the craft began in the early ’90s and grew into a business after they amassed a large collection of baskets. It all started when Jill took her first basket-making class in 1991 and was immediately hooked on the art form. Her husband, Paul, was inspired by her creations and tried his hand at making a basket in 1995. Although his first attempt was not successful, he persisted until he mastered the craft.

Over time, the Scarparis honed their skills and created a wide range of baskets, from simple designs that couldn’t hold their shape to intricate pieces that stood on their own. However, their family members grew tired of receiving baskets as gifts, so they decided to start selling their creations. Today, Paul enjoys spending his retired time practicing his craft and coming up with new design ideas to keep things interesting.

Their baskets range from small pine needle pieces to larger functional ones like hampers and backpacks, taking days of work to complete. Although Scarpari Baskets can be found in local stores and galleries, creating these baskets is more than just a business for the couple. They enjoy the process and find it fulfilling to have a hobby that keeps them busy during retirement. Their baskets are available for purchase at Frae in Shiloh Commons and Three Rivers Gallery in Big Timber, with prices ranging from $20 to $300.

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