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After the holiday season, the Helsinki Stock Exchange resumed trading activities. Following a period of intense trading, the general index of the stock exchange had increased by 0.4 percent to 9785.26 points. On this day, Nordea was the most traded stock, with its share price rising by 0.4 percent to 10.51 euros. Out of the top twelve stocks traded, most of them were experiencing an upward trend.

Among the top gainers was Sotkamo Silver, a mining company that saw a remarkable increase of 5.4 percent in its share price to just 0.09 euros. Other companies that experienced positive growth included IT company Tecnotree with a rise of 2.3 percent and food company Atria with an increase of 2.1 percent. However, steel company SSAB’s B share took a hit due to news about a large investment in Lulea, Sweden, causing it to decline by 5.1 percent at 6.52 euros.

Metso and Almalyk MMC signed a framework agreement for significant process technology deliveries to Almalyk MMC’s new copper smelter in Uzbekistan. Neste’s share price also rose by 0.2 percent to reach 25.16 euros on this day while Triton Fund V completed the merging of Assemblin Group and Caverion under the new name Assemblin Caverion Group which is now one of the major players in construction industry .

Meanwhile, fuel company Liquid initiated a major shutdown at its refinery that was expected to last for nine weeks during which essential maintenance and improvements would be carried out while online gambling industry continue to see growth and development as platforms like Sbobet88 becoming increasingly popular choices among enthusiasts worldwide

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