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Since joining UNSW Sydney in 2017, Masters student Joshua Noiney has made significant contributions to the fisheries industry in Papua New Guinea (PNG). With a strong background in PNG fisheries, he has implemented technology and training programs that have revolutionized fish farming in the country.

Through his work in fish farming, Mr. Noiney has witnessed individuals redirecting their lives towards growth and community development, providing opportunities and resources for communities that have been plagued by violence.

Professor Sammut’s projects, in collaboration with UNSW Sydney, involve various agencies, NGOs, governments, local schools, prisons, and communities in both Australia and PNG. The interdisciplinary teams from both countries work together as equals to enhance the livelihoods of individuals through fish farming. This collaborative effort has been instrumental in the success of the projects.

These initiatives have led to significant growth in the fish farming industry in PNG, with the number of fish farms increasing from 11,000 in 2009 to over 70,000 farms in 2023. The foundation laid by these projects has not only transformed the fish farming industry but also contributed to the overall well-being of communities in Papua New Guinea.

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