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In recent years, it appeared that wide receiver Chase Claypool was on track to becoming a star in the NFL. However, with the CFL now looking forward to his potential availability, Claypool has become a focus for the league. Currently a free agent after being drafted by the Steelers in 2020 as a second-round pick, Claypool’s name has not surfaced during the current signing period. As a result, the Saskatchewan Roughriders of the CFL have taken action by adding him to their exclusive negotiating list.

Despite uncertainty surrounding his future, Claypool’s rookie season with the Steelers saw him score a total of 11 touchdowns and gain 873 receiving yards. He followed this up with an additional 860 yards in his second season with the team. During his third season, he was traded from the Steelers to the Bears in exchange for a second-round pick that was ultimately tampered with by Miami and became the 32nd overall selection in the draft. The Bears later traded him during the 2023 season for a swap of sixth- and seventh-round picks in 2025. Unfortunately, his performance with the Dolphins was limited to just four catches for 26 yards in nine regular-season games.

Claypool’s promising football career took a turn for the worse over the past two seasons as he struggled to find success with new teams. It remains uncertain if he will be able to find a new team after these challenges or if he will have to wait for injuries to create opportunities for him again. Regardless of what happens next, it is clear that Claypool could be an exciting addition to any professional football team looking for talent and potential stardom on their roster.

With this said, it is worth noting that while there is interest from other leagues like Canada’s CFL, there are still many uncertainties surrounding Claypool’s future as he navigates through this difficult time in his career. Only time will tell what path he takes next and whether or not he finds success once again on any team or league.

Overall, while there are still many questions about what comes next for Chase Claypool, one thing is certain: His past successes make him an attractive prospect for any team looking to add depth and talent to their roster.

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