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At the High Plains Regional Science Fair in Rapid City, Shawn Quinn showcased his winning project, “Ultrasonic Haptic Awareness: Phase 2.” His outstanding performance earned him a spot at the Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair in Los Angeles. Two Timber Lake High School students also claimed the top awards, highlighting the school’s commitment to academic excellence and scientific innovation.

Quinn’s innovative research on Ultrasonic Haptic Awareness impressed the judges and secured him a chance to represent the High Plains region at the upcoming fair. The success of Timber Lake High School students at the regional science fair further solidifies the school’s reputation for producing top achievers in science and engineering.

As Shawn Quinn prepares for his trip to Los Angeles for the international fair, he continues to excel in his research projects. His outstanding performance at the regional science fair is just one example of how Timber Lake High School remains a leading institution in preparing students for success in STEM fields.

The success of Shawn Quinn and other Timber Lake High School students at the regional science fair highlights the importance of academic excellence and scientific innovation in shaping future leaders. As these students continue to excel, they are paving the way for a brighter future in STEM fields.

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