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Jarrett Stidham currently holds the lead for the Broncos’ starting quarterback position, but Sean Payton is openly discussing the possibility of trading up to the fourth overall pick in the 2024 NFL draft. The team is considering moving up from their current position at No. 12, with General Manager Monti Ossenfort in a favorable position as Arizona currently holds the No. 4 pick in the draft.

To move up to the fourth overall pick, the Broncos would need to give up significant draft capital. Payton speculated that it could be similar to what the 49ers surrendered to move up to the third overall pick in 2021. This would likely involve giving up their current first-round pick, along with picks from future drafts in 2025 and 2026.

Despite the risks involved in trading up, Payton seems willing to pursue this option to secure a franchise quarterback. With four potential franchise quarterbacks in the draft, Payton is concerned that all of them may be gone by the time the Broncos select at No. 12. This urgency could be the driving force behind the team’s decision to pursue a trade.

In addition to trading up, Payton is also considering adding a veteran QB to the roster before or during training camp, if necessary. With Stidham leading for now and no clear frontrunner for second string yet, there are still many options for Payton and his team heading into next season.

Payton mentioned that he hopes to acquire a quarterback who will lead the team for years to come before training camp begins next month.

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