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In Helsinki, the trend of female representation in leadership positions has shifted significantly. Despite the fact that there were more CEOs named Juha than women in 2015, currently, there are more women than Juha serving as CEOs of companies listed on the stock exchange. This change is due to a recent calculation by responsibility consultant Kaisa Hernberg who found that there are ten women as managing directors of listed companies, while Juha presence has decreased to only five.

In addition to Juha, there are also five managing directors named Mikko, four named Mikko, and three each of Arto, Eso, Miko, Petr, Peko and Timo. Hernberg notes that the diversity at the Helsinki Stock Exchange has shown significant growth with the current share of women as CEOs of listed companies slightly exceeding seven percent. This improvement is evident despite women surpassing Juha in numbers.

The inspiration for Hernberg’s calculation came from a similar calculation made by the Union of Women’s Affairs in 2015 which highlighted the lack of female representation in CEOs of listed companies. Since then, there has been a gradual increase in the number of female CEOs although last year saw a decrease in their presence. According to the Central Chamber of Commerce, the share of women among the CEOs of listed companies was nine percent with 12 companies being led by female CEOs.

Over time, fluctuations have occurred in the number of female CEOs in listed companies reaching a peak around ten before stabilizing at their current level. These statistics underscore the importance of making informed decisions when selecting leaders in corporate world ensuring an inclusive and diverse representation in top positions.

In conclusion, Helsinki’s shift towards gender diversity reflects positively on its stock exchange market as it encourages inclusivity and better decision-making processes for businesses. It is important to continue this trend towards greater gender equality and inclusion for future generations to come.

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