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The Boston Brigade, a new addition to the sports scene in Quincy, is gearing up for their inaugural season in the AFFL (American Flag Football League). Based at Veteran’s Memorial Stadium, the team promises an exciting lineup of games this spring.

Former BSU quarterback James Cahoon showcased his skills at Holy Cross Pro Day on March 21, 2024, catching the eye of NFL scouts in attendance. The impressive performance put Cahoon on the radar of professional football teams looking for potential talent.

The Brigade is one of the first four professional flag football teams ever established, and they are confident that the timing of their launch aligns perfectly with the increasing popularity of flag football. This move will not only bring more excitement to Boston’s sports scene but will also add to the city’s storied history in athletics.

The team’s season will consist of eight games, starting on April 27 in Las Vegas and ending on June 15 in Nashville. The championship game will be held on June 22 in Dallas, capping off what is expected to be a thrilling season for the Boston Brigade. Tickets for the games can be purchased through the team’s official website.

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