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The AUA employee had hoped that the company would realize the low salary was not enough to live on and that both sides would compromise. However, the discrepancy between the salaries at the parent company Lufthansa and Austrian Airlines for the same work was seen as too large. This was a major factor in why many young people quit after a few years due to the strenuous nature of the job, affecting the company’s ability to find long-term employees.

Living expenses were a challenge for many colleagues, especially those who needed to rely on a car for transportation as public transportation options were limited. Some moved back in with their parents or had to be dropped off at work by family members due to financial constraints. The demands put forward by the union Vida, including better meal options and hotel facilities, were seen as necessary by the employees.

The physical demands of the job were highlighted, with the need for physical fitness and proper rest emphasized. Flight attendants needed to stay fit to perform their duties effectively, and amenities like a pool were seen as essential for maintaining physical health. The challenges faced by employees with regards to food availability and rest times were also mentioned, affecting their ability to perform their job effectively.

Overall, the AUA employee emphasized the importance of adequate compensation, rest, and physical fitness for performing the job effectively and ensuring the safety and well-being of passengers.

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