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In the remote Amazon jungle of Brazil, a caiman crocodile met its match against a giant anaconda. The anaconda’s deadly grip left the crocodile immobile and in pain, unable to escape the python’s hold. A tourist captured the moment when the crocodile tried to free itself from the anaconda’s hug by beating its tail, but to no avail.

Scientists recently discovered that the giant anaconda, also known as the green anaconda, is actually two separate species with a 5.5% genetic difference. This difference is significant, as humans and chimpanzees only have about a 3% genetic variation. Despite this discovery, however, humans continue to hunt and kill these magnificent creatures for their skins and other body parts.

Despite the danger, a cameraman ventured close to capture the python’s victory over its prey. The crocodile’s eyes and claws were still visible as the python finished its meal, with the crocodile groaning in pain throughout the process. The sound of the crocodile’s bones breaking could be heard at the end of the video, indicating the ferocity of

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