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In today’s show, we have a variety of exciting guests joining us to discuss various topics. Chief Nursing Officer Tamera Larsen-Engelkes from Avera Health shares their plans to expand their women’s, children’s, and digestive health services. She provides insight into the future of healthcare in the region and what this means for patients.

We also hear from South Dakota Attorney General Marty Jackley about his successful legislative session. He talks about how his office will be receiving funds to create a digital investigation unit and enhance the use of technology in law enforcement, highlighting the importance of staying ahead in the digital age.

The editor of the Garretson Gazette, Garrick Moritz, steps in as our Dakota Political Junkie to delve into the controversy and compromise surrounding Senate Bill 201. He gives us a closer look at the intricacies of state politics and what this bill means for residents of South Dakota.

SDPB’s C.J. Keene examines petitions calling for hand counting of ballots in the state. She sheds light on the debate surrounding election processes and transparency, and what this could mean for future elections.

In addition, we learn about a new program aimed at helping women and trans musicians transition from open mic performances to professional gigs. This program offers support and resources to artists looking to further their careers and take their talent to the next level.

Finally, SDPB’s Jackie Hendry previews her upcoming episode of “South Dakota Focus” on juvenile justice. She shares insights on why she believes it is a hopeful story worth exploring and what changes are needed to improve outcomes for young people involved in the justice system.

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