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Jadeveon Clowney, the star pass rusher, has been a hot topic in the NFL free agency. Several teams have shown interest in signing him for the upcoming season, but a deal does not seem to be imminent. Panthers General Manager Dan Morgan is one of the teams that have expressed interest in Clowney. However, according to, Morgan stated that they are keeping in touch with Clowney’s camp, but nothing has materialized yet.

The Jets and Panthers seem to be the teams most interested in Clowney. Jets General Manager Joe Douglas confirmed that they have been in talks with Clowney as well. Despite their ongoing discussions, there has been no significant progress reported by either team. It is understandable that teams are still interested in signing him given his performance last season with the Ravens, during which he matched his career high of 9.5 sacks at the age of 31.

Clowney is known to take his time when it comes to free agency and often opts for one-year contracts. He has multiple options available to him when it comes to choosing a team for the upcoming season. Despite ongoing discussions, it remains uncertain where Clowney will end up playing in the upcoming season.

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