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Ashava the Pestilent

Credit: Blizzard

The Diablo four beta is right here, even though for quite a few it continues to be an workout in patience as the game buckles beneath the weight of overwhelmed servers, myriad bugs and crashes and several other difficulties. Players who are fortunate adequate to get some high quality game-time in have a quite fantastic game on their hands—or at least 1 with the possible to be fantastic.

One particular enjoyable issue about Diablo IV is the advent of specific planet bosses. These bosses can be defeated after per week after the game releases on June 6th, and through specific instances through this weekend’s open beta. The initially of these instances is just about upon us.

Ashava the Pestilent (pictured above) is the beta’s only planet boss and can be challenged by groups of up to 12 players. The fight is incredibly difficult, but defeating her offers you some higher-level legendary loot. Here’s every thing you want to know.

Exactly where Is Ashava Situated?

Ashava can be discovered in the Level 25 zone referred to as The Crucible—the orange icon on the map beneath:

Ashava Place

Credit: Blizzard / Screenshot: Fextralife

As you can see, you will obtain Ashava at the far eastern side of the map, properly to the east of Kyovashad and north-east of Yelesna.

What Instances Can You Fight Ashava?

The Ashava planet boss fight will take spot across 4 waves currently and tomorrow. You have 15 minutes to defeat Ashava after they arrive in the Crucible. You will nevertheless get some rewards for not defeating the planet boss, but a lot far better rewards if you do.

  • March 25 at 11 a.m. PDT / two p.m. EDT / 7 p.m. CET / six p.m. GMT
  • March 25 at 1 p.m. PDT / four p.m. EDT / 9 p.m. CET / eight p.m. GMT
  • March 25 at 11 p.m. PDT / March 26 at two a.m. EDT / eight a.m. CET / 7 a.m. GMT
  • March 26 at 1 a.m. PDT / four a.m. EDT / ten a.m. CET / 9 a.m. GMT

How To Beat Ashava

Ashava has a quantity of moves you will want to be conscious of, generating her a far more complex and enjoyable boss than most Diablo bosses of the previous. Note that all of these attacks include things like persistent poison harm. She is Ashava the Pestilent, soon after all.

One more essential note: Ashava scales primarily based on the quantity of players fighting her, which means she’ll be at her most highly effective if a complete cadre of 12 players is attempting to take her down. You may well have far better luck with greater-skilled players at a decrease player count.

Ashava’s move-set consists of:

  • Ground Pound. Ashava will do a rapid backstep and then wind up and pound the spot she was just at.
  • Lunging Chomp. Ashava dips her head low and and snaps her neck toward her target. Her bite is normally a 1-shot kill.
  • Pounce Stomp. Ashava crouches back on her hindlegs and then leaps forward, knocking down targets.
  • Location of Attack Sweep: Ashava sweeps about in a 360 spin with 1 of her forearm blades, followed by a half-spin with the other blade in the exact same path. You will see her telegraph the attack when she raises her arm just about all the way back to her shoulder. Can knockdown or insta-kill players.
  • Poison Clouds. Ashava breathes / vomits up clouds of poisonous gas that turn to poison pools on the ground dealing ongoing harm. You will see this coming when she stands up and green drool begins coming out of her mouth.
  • Plow Back. Ahsava raises upright with each blades ahead of striking the ground quickly and plowing it up back toward her hindlegs. Can insta-kill or drag players.


  • Stay away from and evade Ashava’s attacks by staying behind her anytime you can. If you are a melee player this is particularly correct.
  • Use any gear or expertise that make barriers / shields / domes / and so forth to counter her physical attacks.
  • Any poison resistant gear you have, equip. You will take continuous poison harm so this is important.
  • Recall: If you die and use a checkpoint, you will drop ten% durability on gear so attempt to revive allies (and hopefully they’ll return the favor).

Staggering is essential. The gold bar beneath Ashava’s well being bar indicates when she’ll stagger, flopping to the ground and opening herself up to attacks. To accomplish this you will have to deal what Blizzard calls Crowd Handle harm. The following effects bring about Crowd Handle harm:

  • Chill
  • Daze
  • Worry
  • Freeze
  • Immobilize
  • Knockdown
  • Knockback
  • Slow
  • Stun
  • Taunt
  • Tether

Loot Exploit

At the moment you can exploit Ashava’s loot drops. When Ashava goes reside in the Crucible, absolutely everyone playing the game has specifically 15 minutes to defeat her and loot up. If you can defeat her quicker, basically loot and teleport back to town and then re-enter the Crucible. You will enter an additional instance of the fight and have an additional opportunity to take down the planet boss and get far more loot ahead of the 15 minutes is up. If you are in a celebration absolutely everyone has to leave the present instance to make this function.

Of course, the most important struggle may well not be Ashava at all but merely staying connected to the game lengthy adequate to beat her—if you make it previous the login queue! Very good luck!

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