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In a significant announcement, Vanderbilt University has unveiled plans to establish the College of Connected Computing, a new college dedicated to computer science, artificial intelligence (AI), data science, and related fields. This interdisciplinary college will collaborate with all of Vanderbilt’s schools and colleges to drive breakthrough discoveries and enhance computing education through a “computing for all” approach. The college will be led by a new dean who will report to Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Dr. C. Cybele Raver and School of Engineering Dean Dr. Krishnendu Roy.

According to Raver, the College of Connected Computing will allow Vanderbilt to expand its existing programs and provide students with top-notch educational opportunities. The college will enable the university to drive groundbreaking discoveries at the intersections of computing and other fields, effectively utilizing advanced computing to address significant societal challenges. Dr. Roy described the establishment of the interdisciplinary college as a pivotal moment for both the School of Engineering and the entire university. He highlighted the importance of computing in shaping the future of education, research, and thinking across all disciplines, emphasizing the fundamental role of “computing for all” in shaping the future of learning.

Chancellor Dr. Daniel Diermeier emphasized the importance of advanced computing, AI, and data science in shaping society, stating that Vanderbilt must contribute more in these rapidly evolving disciplines to continue fulfilling its mission of preparing students for their careers and advancing research. The goal is for Vanderbilt to become a global leader in these areas, fostering academic excellence and promoting world-changing innovation.

The creation of this new college reflects Vanderbilt’s commitment to advancing knowledge and innovation in the rapidly evolving fields of computing, AI, and data science.

In conclusion, Vanderbilt University’s announcement about establishing

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