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The Competition Committee proposed a significant change at this year’s league meeting, which was approved by the NFL. The ban on hip-drop tackles will be the headline for rules changes that will be implemented in the league. In addition to this ban, the league also approved a change in how fouls are enforced on plays resulting in a change of possession.

The proposal aimed to ensure consistency in enforcing major fouls committed by the offense, like unnecessary roughness, and not ignoring offenses in certain situations. This proposal was made after team owners noticed inconsistencies in enforcing these types of penalties.

On Monday, the NFL announced that the proposal was approved by two-thirds of teams, making it official and part of the rulebook. This change marks a significant step towards fairness and consistency in the enforcement of major fouls committed by offenses during play.

Another notable change that was approved is allowing teams an additional challenge if either of their first two challenges is successful. This change gives teams more opportunities to challenge incorrect calls on the field and increases their chances of getting those calls overturned.

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