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In his recent criticism of President Biden, Mr. Ben Gabir accused him of putting too much pressure on Israel. According to Mr. Ben Gabir, this is a huge mistake as he believes that Biden tends to focus on the rights of terrorists who pose a threat to the country, while neglecting the safety and security of the Israeli people.

Mr. Ben Gabir emphasizes that emphasizing the rights of those who wish to destroy Israel is not productive and does not take into account the unique challenges and threats faced by Israel in the region. He believes that this approach is misguided and counterproductive as it undermines the security of the nation.

In Mr. Ben Gabir’s view, it is crucial for President Biden to be more supportive of Israel, considering the constant threat of terrorism faced by the country. By showing unwavering support and solidarity with Israel, President Biden can help ensure the safety and security of the Israeli people, which is essential for peace and stability in the region.

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