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During its inaugural weekend, the UFL made a strong debut with impressive viewership numbers. The games were televised by Fox and ESPN and drew audiences of over a million viewers each. The opener between Birmingham and Arlington attracted 1.18 million viewers, while the later game between St. Louis and Michigan had an even larger audience of 1.35 million viewers. On Sunday, the ESPN-televised games drew 960,000 viewers for D.C. at San Antonio and 703,000 viewers for Memphis at Houston.

Despite these strong numbers, the UFL’s Week 1 viewership was lower than that of the XFL in its opening weekend last year, which exceeded 1.5 million viewers for both games. However, the USFL had even lower numbers during its first week in 2023, with a high of 974,000 viewers. The big question now is whether the UFL will be able to maintain or improve upon its Week 1 numbers as it continues through its inaugural season.

History has shown that viewership tends to decrease as spring football leagues progress, so it remains to be seen whether the UFL can buck this trend and build a strong and sustainable viewership for the remainder of its season.

One thing is certain – the UFL’s success will depend heavily on its ability to deliver quality content that keeps audiences engaged and coming back for more. With strong viewership numbers in Week 1 and a commitment to delivering top-quality play on the field, it seems that the UFL is off to a promising start in building a new era of spring football competition in North America.

Overall, it’s important for the league to continue focusing on providing quality content and engaging with fans if they want to sustain their momentum throughout their first season and beyond.

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