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On Tuesday, the Brewers faced some difficulties during their home opener when fans tried to use their new parking technology. This issue arose due to a connectivity problem with the server holding the passes. As a result, fans had to be scanned in manually as they had been previously. Brewers President of Business Operations Rick Schlesinger addressed the problem during the game and assured fans that nobody would be cited for parking. He promised to find a solution and revert back to the system used in the previous year if needed.

Schlesinger apologized to fans for any inconvenience caused by the technology glitch. The vendor, Interstate Parking, also issued a statement saying that the connectivity problems were due to a technology configuration issue on their end and not related to the Brewers or MLB Ballpark App. They were working quickly to resolve the issue but would go back to traditional parking methods for the next game. This involved cashiers scanning prepaid passes and accepting payment for day-of-game parking upon arrival. The vendor also apologized for any inconvenience and emphasized that no parking citations were handed out during the game.

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