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Russian authorities are still investigating the worst terrorist attack in Russia since 2004, which took place at a sold-out gig of the Russian rock band Piknik in the Crocus City Hall. The attackers arrived in a car and opened fire on people gathered near the entrance before proceeding to shoot inside the concert hall. Over 130 people were killed, including some who suffered from smoke poisoning after the building was set on fire.

Russian security services have arrested eleven suspects, four of whom are believed to have been involved in the attack. The attackers were not Russian citizens, according to the Ministry of the Interior. Emergency calls were made immediately after the attack, and rescue units and National Guard troops arrived quickly to the scene.

While little information has been disclosed about the movements of the attackers after the attack, it is believed that they managed to escape from the vicinity of the concert hall. Investigations into the motives and background of the attackers are ongoing, and corrections have been made to initial reports regarding details about casualties.

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