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Commissioner Roger Goodell has announced that the NFL will hold a doubleheader on Christmas Day in 2024, when it falls on a Wednesday. However, he also stated that this will not become a regular occurrence and playing on Wednesdays will only happen when Christmas falls on that day.

The league’s decision to play games on Christmas Day is driven by financial opportunities. Goodell made it clear that if playing on Wednesdays could generate significant revenue, the NFL would not hesitate to do so. This flexibility in scheduling is all about maximizing profits.

Critics have raised concerns about the increased injury risk that comes with playing games in quick succession, such as Thursday night matches. However, the NFL has pointed to statistics showing that the injury rate remains consistent whether teams play from Sunday to Thursday or Sunday to Sunday. This data has allowed the league to be more open to playing games on non-traditional days.

The NFL’s willingness to prioritize financial gain over traditional game-day scheduling is a reflection of the growing importance of revenue in professional sports. The league’s ability to adapt and innovate when it comes to scheduling demonstrates its commitment to maximizing profits and staying competitive in a rapidly changing sports landscape.

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