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The Boston Celtics, after defeating the Charlotte Hornets on Monday night, turned their attention to the NCAA Women’s Tournament. As they watched Iowa’s victory over LSU in the Elite Eight, ten Celtics players sat in a row at their lockers, icing their feet and focusing on Caitlin Clark who made nine 3-pointers and scored 41 points in Iowa’s 94-87 win.

The players were amazed by Clark’s performance, with one player remarking on her impressive skills and another noting that she was “stealing the show” in both men’s and women’s basketball. Even after the game ended, the players continued to talk about Clark’s record-breaking performance, with some expressing admiration for her achievements.

Clark, who is the NCAA Division I all-time scoring leader with 3,900 career points, has captured the attention of basketball fans with her talent and skill on the court. Celtics forward Sam Hauser noted that women’s college basketball has become more competitive in recent years, with players like Clark shining on the national stage.

Hauser also reflected on how NBA players are increasingly watching and supporting women’s college basketball during the NCAA Tournament. He expressed excitement about how players like Clark are changing the narrative of basketball as a sport and paving the way for future generations of talented female athletes.

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