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According to a recent survey published by the Wall Street Journal, Donald Trump is currently leading Joe Biden in six out of the seven crucial states for the upcoming presidential elections in November 2024 in the United States. Trump’s lead is attributed to concerns about the US economy and the advanced age of the current president.

Formerly solidly blue states like Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, which Biden managed to win back in 2020 after Trump’s victory in 2016, are now considered battlegrounds with Trump in the lead. Polls indicate that Trump has a two-point advantage in Michigan and Pennsylvania, and a three-point advantage in Wisconsin. Additionally, Trump is leading in Georgia, Nevada, and Arizona, with leads of three, four, and five points respectively.

In terms of voter support on specific issues, Trump has greater support on issues pertaining to the economy, immigration, and fighting inflation. On the other hand, Biden has an advantage on the issue of defending abortion and reproductive rights.

Concerns have been raised that the ongoing conflict in Gaza could impact the November elections. Democratic officials fear that

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