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Rep. Jamie Raskin has expressed his condolences for the aid workers from World Central Kitchen who were killed in Gaza. The tragedy serves as a stark reminder of the dangers and sacrifices that humanitarian workers face while providing assistance in conflict zones.

Raskin acknowledged the crucial role that aid organizations like World Central Kitchen play in providing food and support to those in need, and he emphasized the need for greater protection for these brave individuals operating in dangerous regions.

The loss of these aid workers is a reminder of the challenges faced by humanitarian organizations in delivering essential services to vulnerable populations in conflict-affected areas. Raskin commended the dedication and courage of all humanitarian workers who risk their lives to provide aid to those in need.

He called for respect and protection for all humanitarian workers around the world, recognizing their valuable contributions and the sacrifices they make in service of humanity. Raskin’s statement reflects a commitment to supporting and honoring the important work of aid organizations and their staff in delivering assistance to communities in crisis.

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