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A thief robbed Shawarma Land, a new local business in west Houston, just hours after it opened its doors. According to the Houston Police Department, the thief caused damage to the property and made off with over $1,000 from the register.

The owners of Shawarma Land on Westheimer were shocked by the incident, but owner Mohammad Assaad remained resilient and optimistic. He had saved every penny for the restaurant and had chosen the bustling area for its diverse customer base. Despite the setback, Assaad was determined to pursue his passion for serving delicious shawarma.

Houston police are actively investigating the burglary, but no arrests have been made yet. The neighborhood where Shawarma Land is located has seen a high number of burglaries in the past year, according to the ABC13 Neighborhood Safety Tracker.

Despite this setback, Assaad remains optimistic and determined to make Shawarma Land a success. He spent extensive time perfecting recipes and renovating the space before opening its doors. For now, he will focus on rebuilding and getting back to serving delicious shawarma to his customers. Follow Alex Bozarjian on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for updates on this story.

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