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Chamber holds little business enterprise luncheon

Published 1:29 pm Friday, May possibly 26, 2023

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By LIZZIE BOWEN | Employees Writer

PELHAM – The Shelby County Chamber held its annual little business enterprise luncheon at the Pelham Civic Complicated and Ice Arena in order to honor little organizations in the location for their tough operate.

Nominees have been:

-A Birthday Spot

-Adventurers Coffee Co.

-Amanda Klein Organization

-Artzy Cook

-Enterprise Telephones Inc.

-Christy Hayes Counseling


-Creations Galore and Moore

-Dynamic Discs Iron City

-Superior Outlet

-Freedom Therapies Inc.

-The Guy’s Spot

-Joseph Buff Farmers Agency

-Leders’ Corner Coffee and Tea

-Leane Randle Realtor

-Plant LLC

-Specification Rubber Goods Inc.

-T. Fox Salon and Spa

-Trade Bank International

-The Yak Shak

“Congratulations to every of our nominees,” Kirk Mancer of the Shelby County Chamber mentioned. “Your efforts and investment in our neighborhood are sincerely appreciated.”

Winners of the categories have been:

-Winner of Category 1 which consisted of 1-five workers was The Yak Shak

-Winner of Category two, primarily based on six-ten workers was T. Fox Salon and Spa

-Winner of Category three, primarily based on 11-20 workers was Freedom Therapies Inc.

-Recipient of Category four was Specification Rubbers Inc.

-Category five with a business enterprise of much less than 25 workers also identified as “New Business” Christy Hayes Counseling

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