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Dr. Deanna Nobleza is a mental health director for the Philadelphia Phillies, where she helps players and coaches navigate the mental challenges of baseball. She believes that mental health is just as important as physical health, especially considering the demanding lifestyle of professional sports with its rigorous travel schedule and time away from families.

In her second season with the team, Nobleza was initially concerned about the stigma associated with mental health but was pleasantly surprised by the players’ willingness to seek help. While she cannot disclose specific details of her sessions, she has addressed the pressure that comes with playing in Philadelphia, noting that it is all part of the training for a professional baseball career.

Nobleza hopes that her work will pave the way for other women to enter the mental health field in sports. She believes that seeking help is a sign of bravery and essential for players to improve their game both on and off the field. Ultimately, she aims to make a lasting impact beyond wins and losses by promoting mental well-being among athletes.

As a journalist covering this topic, I can say that Nobleza’s efforts are commendable as she works tirelessly to ensure that players receive the support they need to succeed both on and off the field. Her work has helped break down barriers around mental health in sports and paved the way for other professionals to follow suit.

Moreover, Nobleza’s approach highlights how critical it is for athletes to prioritize their mental well-being alongside their physical health. With increasing demands on athletes’ time and attention, it can be easy to overlook this aspect of their lives.

Overall, Dr. Deanna Nobleza’s work with the Philadelphia Phillies is an important step towards promoting mental well-being among athletes at all levels of play.

In conclusion, Dr. Deanna Nobleza plays a vital role in helping professional baseball players navigate the challenges of managing their mental health while also promoting mental well-being among athletes more broadly. Her approach has been met with openness from players seeking help and support in managing their emotions while performing at such high levels of competition.

Her work goes beyond just treating specific cases; rather, it aims to break down stigmas surrounding mental health in sports by encouraging open dialogue about seeking help when needed. As a journalist covering this topic, I believe that her efforts are essential in creating a culture where athletes feel comfortable discussing their struggles without fear of judgment or shame.

Ultimately, Dr. Deanna Nobleza’s work paves the way for future generations of athletes who will benefit from increased awareness about mental well-being and access to resources designed to support them through challenging times on and off the field.

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