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The 2023 income campaign was launched this Wednesday with a surge of tax returns being filed by taxpayers. By 10 am, the Tax Agency had already received over half a million documents, with an average of 1,450 statements per minute. This represents an 11% increase compared to the previous year. During a press conference to announce the campaign, Soledad Fernández, president of the organization, stated that people are eager to receive their returns as quickly as possible, driving them to file their declarations early.

Fernández also mentioned that the Agency will issue notices related to online gaming and virtual currencies. There will be 164,000 notices for online gaming profits and almost three times as many for virtual currencies. For rentals in other countries and property rentals, there will be 895,000 and 866,000 notices respectively.

To support elderly taxpayers living in small municipalities across various provinces, a special assistance plan will be launched in May. This initiative aims to provide support to elderly taxpayers in smaller communities who may find it challenging to file their returns on time.

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