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Researchers have been studying the terracotta warriors near the emperor’s mausoleum in Xi’an for 50 years to learn more about ancient life during the Qin Dynasty. One of the most fascinating discoveries has been the shoes worn by an archer statue. The shoes have been recreated using ancient techniques and materials, revealing their flexibility and comfort.

The shoes were made with layers woven from silkworm tree fibers, providing stability and durability. Researchers were particularly surprised by the unique design of the soles, which consist of multiple layers sewn together. This design provides optimal comfort, support, and durability for the soldiers. The heels were made with absorbent materials to help with wet conditions, while the anti-slip soles allowed for firm footing on difficult terrain.

The shoes of the terracotta warriors provide insight into daily life and technology during the Qin Dynasty. With only about 2,000 statues excavated so far, researchers continue to uncover more about this remarkable period in history. The skill and craftsmanship of the creators of the terracotta army are as impressive as their military power they represented.

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