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A tragic shooting occurred at a primary school in Finland, resulting in the death of a 12-year-old boy and injuring two others of the same age. The authorities have arrested a 12-year-old schoolboy, who is believed to be the alleged perpetrator. The shooting took place at the Viertola school in Vantaa, located in the Helsinki metropolitan area.

The detainee admitted responsibility after peacefully handing over the weapon, which was a pistol belonging to a close relative. However, the reasons for the attack remain unclear. The incident has sparked a debate on gun control in Finland, where hunting and target shooting are popular activities.

The Minister of Education expressed her deep sorrow for the loss of life and injuries sustained by survivors. The Minister of Interior conveyed her sympathy to the families affected by the tragedy. Prime Minister Petteri Orpo described the incident as shocking and expressed condolences to those affected by it.

In response to previous school shootings in Finland, such as those at Jokela High School and Kauhajoki vocational school in 2007 and 2008 respectively, Finland tightened its gun legislation in 2010 by introducing proficiency tests and raising the age limit for firearms licenses. However, this incident highlights that stricter measures may need to be taken to prevent such tragedies from happening again.

The community is still reeling from this unfortunate event, but there is hope that it will lead to positive changes in Finnish gun laws and policies to ensure safer schools for all children.

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