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Maintaining a diet, regardless of its purpose, requires discipline, consistency, and precision from the body. This is especially true when it comes to a diet for weight gain, as maintaining a large muscle mass requires regular maintenance to prevent it from being lost. Achieving desired results also requires careful planning that takes into account various environmental factors such as daily routine, mental states, and training regimen.

Bjornson, a strongman athlete, follows a strict meal plan to consume 8000 calories a day. He treats his eating habits like a job and emphasizes the importance of sticking to a routine. His daily menu includes a variety of high-calorie foods starting with breakfast of eggs, rice, fruit and milk followed by snacks lunch tea time and dinner. Despite his intense calorie intake Bjornson ensures that his meals are balanced and provide the necessary nutrients for his body.

In addition to his rigorous diet Bjornson’s training regimen plays a crucial role in his muscle growth and overall success as an athlete. By combining proper nutrition with dedicated training he is able to maintain his muscle mass and reach his performance goals. With the support of his private chef who happens to be his father Bjornson stays on track with his diet and continues to push his limits in the world of competitive strongman events.

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