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Despite Kate Middleton’s recent revelation of a tumor, conspiracy theorists refuse to let go of their theories. Although some users have apologized for past comments about her, The Guardian reports that the hoaxes have not stopped. The hashtag #Kategate even experienced a surge in mentions, reaching 400 at its peak. BrandMentions, a social media monitoring company, noticed an increase in mentions from the previous weekend.

The topic is trending on several platforms, including X, Instagram, and Tik Tok. A Tik Tok video with over 200 thousand views in just one day claims that the announcement made by the future British queen may have been manipulated with the help of artificial intelligence. The BBC confirmed the authenticity of the footage, stating that it was filmed by a crew from the broadcaster.

Professor Quassim Cassam from the University of Warwick explains that rumors can often be fueled by evidence that contradicts them. Conspiracy theories are resilient because people see evidence as part of the conspiracy rather than an opposing viewpoint. Whitney Phillips from the University of Oregon adds that some individuals spread conspiracies for entertainment or as a distraction for themselves without considering how they impact those involved.

Both experts believe that Kate’s hoaxes will eventually fade away as new conspiracy theories emerge on different topics. Phillips notes that speculation and theories can be entertaining or serve as a distraction for participants without taking into account their effects on others. Despite efforts to dispel these hoaxes, they persist and continue to circulate online.

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