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Despite my efforts to keep up with the latest technology, I still find myself longing for the simplicity of the past. Now that everything fits in the palm of our hand, it’s hard to imagine a time when phones had cords and computers were as big as a room.

But even though we may have access to all the latest gadgets and technology at our fingertips, there’s something about the physical buttons and manual controls of old that still holds a certain charm. The tactile feedback of pushing a button or turning a knob just feels different than swiping or tapping on a screen.

As much as I may struggle with keeping up with the latest technology, I can’t help but feel grateful for the simplicity and nostalgia of those bygone days. There was something special about those analog ways that can’t be replicated with touchscreens and virtual buttons. So even though I may be considered a digital dinosaur, I’ll always appreciate the charm and appeal of the past.

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