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The growing popularity of “anger rooms” in the US and Europe has sparked a new study aimed at challenging the idea that expressing anger is an effective way to cope with it. Dr. Sofi Kerwick, one of the researchers involved, wanted to show that reducing arousal is a more important factor in releasing tension.

A total of 154 studies were analyzed in the new research, involving over 10,000 participants from diverse backgrounds. The researchers discovered that activities that increased physiological arousal and body heat did not have a significant impact on stress levels or feelings of anger. In fact, these activities often made these emotions worse.

Surprisingly, running was identified as an activity that actually increased anger levels. The head of the research team, Prof. Brad Bushman from Ohio State University, emphasized that there is no scientific evidence to support the belief that intense physical activity helps with stress relief. He explained that while certain physical activities may be beneficial for heart health, they are not the best way to manage anger.

The study suggests that finding healthier and more constructive ways to manage anger is essential for overall well-being. Activities like deep breathing, relaxation, meditation, yoga, muscle relaxation, diaphragmatic breathing and taking a break were found to be effective in reducing anger levels. Prof. Bushman noted that while certain physical activities may be beneficial for heart health

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