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About 20 people, including teenagers and their parents, spent Wednesday evening talking about mental health and ways to deal with conflict at the second session of the Teen Mental Health Check-In. This event was held by the Girls Dig Deeper Initiative (GDDI) and Macon Mental Health Matters (MMHM) at the Rosa Jackson Recreation Center.  

“We talked about how we are feeling, what mental health means to us, signs and symptoms of top mental health diagnoses and how to identify them,” said GDDI Founder Najiva Timothee. “Everyone in the room was engaged—listening, taking notes and asking questions.” 

MMHM provided information about resolving conflict, meditation, relaxation, and grounding techniques for anxiety prevention. Teens also learned about different mental health issues and how to cope with them. 

“Even though we are closing out May for Mental Health Month, I encourage our youth and families to continue to prioritize their mental health and wellness on a daily basis,” said Timothee.  

The GDDI is a recipient of Macon Violence Prevention (MVP) grant funding. If you’d like to learn more about the GDDI, click here. 

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