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CBS Sports is set to launch a new podcast called “We Need To Talk Now”, which will focus on women in sports. Hosted by Ashley Nicole Moss and Alicia Jay, the podcast will be sponsored by AT&T and is scheduled to launch on Sunday. The first episode will recap the NCAA Women’s Tournament Championship game.

Moss and Jay will discuss the latest news in sports with a spotlight on female athletes and women who are making an impact in the industry. The weekly podcast will provide listeners with insight, analysis, and storytelling, along with breaking news episodes and special guest appearances. It aims to shed light on women in sports and celebrate their achievements and contributions to the field.

“We Need To Talk Now” is set to revolutionize the way people consume sports content by providing a platform that caters specifically to female athletes and women who are making an impact in the industry. The podcast will be available for streaming on YouTube and on all podcast platforms through CBS Sports, making it easy for listeners to access its unique content anywhere at any time.

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