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ALG Vacations (ALGV) is revolutionizing group bookings with a new technology that offers travel advisors more customization options. The new platform, an expansion of the existing GroupEase platform, enables advisors to create personalized event pages for groups of any size within minutes. These pages are hosted on a dedicated one-page website, providing a seamless booking experience for clients.

With this new technology, advisors can easily cater to the unique needs of each group with automation, templates, and tools. Jacki Marks, Global Head of Trade Brands for ALGV, stated that the goal was to provide customization capabilities in high demand among advisors. The new technology not only caters to groups of any size but also provides additional tools to protect and manage the profitability of the group.

One of the key benefits of the new technology is that clients have the autonomy to book directly from the event page at their convenience. Advisors receive automated email notifications of new bookings and can manage group bookings through the VAX Groups Dashboard. This streamlined process ensures that bookings made through custom event pages contribute to commissions, loyalty status, rewards, and overall profitability for advisors.

The customization options extend beyond branding and allow advisors to personalize event pages with their agency logo, information, and messaging. This helps build stronger connections with clients and increases brand visibility. The technology also enhances communication through a dedicated hub for sharing trip details among advisors and group leaders. Advisors can include features like event schedules and external links to provide clients with comprehensive information.

To help advisors set up custom event pages effectively, ALGV offers resources and support. This new technology aims to provide a more efficient and tailored booking experience for both advisors and clients.

Overall, ALGV’s new technology streamlines group bookings by offering more customization options while ensuring profitability for travel advisors. With its user-friendly interface and automation features, this platform is perfect for any size group booking needs while maintaining flexibility in branding options for travel agencies.

In summary, ALG Vacations (ALGV) has introduced a revolutionary platform designed to simplify group bookings while allowing travel advisors more customization options than ever before. By utilizing automation templates and tools, this platform empowers travel agents to cater specifically to each client’s unique needs while ensuring profitability through streamlined processes that contribute to commissions and loyalty status rewards programs.

The benefits of this platform extend far beyond just ease of use; it also promotes stronger relationships between agencies and clients by offering branding opportunities that increase visibility while also providing comprehensive information about trips through external links like schedules or other important details shared via a dedicated hub for sharing trip details among advisors or group leaders.

With its focus on providing an efficient experience for both agents

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