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Viralgen, a leading provider of viral vectors for gene therapy manufacturing, has announced the development of the Pro10™ cell line, a new technology aimed at improving the efficiency and scalability of recombinant adeno-associated virus (rAAV) production. This proprietary mammalian suspension technology allows for scalable and robust production of rAAVs, addressing the challenges of large-scale manufacturing in AAV gene therapies.

The Pro10™ cells have been fully characterized and licensed for gene therapy development by other biopharma companies. Viralgen utilizes these optimized cells as the foundation for its platform process for manufacturing AAV vectors. The cells have been successfully scaled up to 2000L, demonstrating consistent and reproducible cell growth rates. They exhibit similar productivity in small and large-scale bioreactors and can produce different AAV serotypes.

The HEK293 derived animal component-free suspension Pro10™ cell line is described in full in the PDF, which highlights its ability to reduce process development time and costs. This innovative technology is a promising advancement in the field of gene therapy manufacturing, offering a solution to the challenges faced in large-scale production of AAV vectors. With its robust scalability and consistency, Viralgen’s platform process provides an efficient solution for gene therapy manufacturers looking to scale up their operations without compromising on quality or safety.

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